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Žive svirke, DJ nastupi, karaoke party, večeri ozbiljne muzike... su samo neki od vidova žurki koji će Vas privući da dodjete u "Malu Ivanču" i posle zalaska sunca.


"Mala Ivanča" takodje organizuje i dešavanja zatvorenog tipa samo za Vaše potrebe:

                  Urbana venčanja i razvode / koktele / proslave / korporativne dogadjaje




                                                  INFO: +381 69 102 9252

Are you stressed from working 24×7 ??? Mala Ivanča is just a perfect place for you! Plan your company picnic and find mo re details about our club by visiting . Have fun and save your budget! It's close to the city center, only a half an hour ride, yet it is far enough to escape from the stressful-everyday life.

Company picnics and celebrations are a proven way to bond   with your company representatives and cement your corporate team. The idea of organized company events is not new, but it's definitely something that was not as popular as it is today.

People who are valued by their company will help in moving their business to the next level. This is something proven to be effective, and companies are respected for their ability to care about their employees.