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We will be pleased to provide you with more information about our property & business for SALE:

Our property is located 34 km (30-40 min. by car) south of Belgrade in the middle of Sumadija region. There are 3 different roads you can take to get there. It spreads to approximately 5 Ha of landscape, with very beautiful view of the nature.

There is about 1000 m2 of high quality facilities:
- Master house (300m2) with large living room, kitchen & fireplace on the main floor, basement with fitness centre and big Jacuzzi, technical room, 3 large bedrooms on the first floor, 3 bathrooms, a balcony and a walk-in closet;
- Restaurant (200m2) with fully equipped kitchen, 100 indoor seats, air-conditioning, toilets and bar;
- HOSTEL with 3 rooms, fully equipped with air-conditioning & TV, 12 beds & some technical space (100m2)
- 50 m2 separate facility with Lockers, Showers & Toilets close to the main Swimming pool;
- Pool Bar with terese;
- Small generator facility (25KW) with outdoor barbecue;
- Hangar 50m2 for RC Hobby and the RC Airport;
- Another big Poll Bar with covered terese close to the biggest swimming pool
- Kids Fortress, protected by fence, with nice swimming pool & kids Pool Bar;
- On the hill (included in the property) across of the main facility, we have a good plan to build 15 small houses (2 apartments each) to complete the whole idea about our Country Club, but we didn't realize the whole idea yet.

Originally the idea was to make a Country Club with a nice restaurant, hotel and swimming pools, isolated, but included in the property, RC Hobby Club with 2 runways for RC planes and RC auto racing track. From that idea only apartments are missing. We can easily add additional 10 Ha of surrounded landscape, for a reasonable price. As I mentioned before, we have one big swimming pool (35x17m, 140 cm deep), Main Pool in the center off the club (12x6m, 200 cm deep), Kids pool 40m2-90 cm deep and Jacuzzi (indoor) 2x3m 100 cm deep.

All papers and licenses about this property are clean, and I am the sole owner, without partners, any open balances or Bank loans. Since 2005 this property is operating under Sportsko Drustvo "Mala Ivanca"(Sporting society, which is often difficult to register under). It was founded by myself, again without partners or any other open balances or Bank loans. Officially we don't have any employees because under our law, members of the club can act as volunteers.

During the summer we have our regular guests (club members), for which we also organize beautiful private parties, company parties, team buildings, weddings, B-Days, etc... Mala Ivanca is operating as a resort since 2005 and today it is very well known in Belgrade. During the season (May - September), we also have a guests from Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, as well as people who are working for foreign companies and Ambassies.

We also have another registered company as off October 2012 to promote and sell RC models and equipment, "RC Shop Mala Ivanca". Shortly, it is and online shop with RC stuff. That being said, since 2005 we have a contract with the biggest USA supplier of RC models called HorizonHobby. Today we are dealing with them through their sister company in Germany, the exclusive dealership for exYugoslavia. From the beginning, in stock we have about 100.000 Eur in goods (models, spare parts, tools, equipment). In the last few months we reached the goal of being the ONE and ONLY in Serbia. Google rank for our online shop is excellent, mostly the first 10 in searches. This new company is also without any open balances or Bank loans. This RC hobby business is growing day by day. I would also like to mention that we are also the one and only RC Club in the region, incuding Bosnia, Macedonia, even in Croatia with that kind of facilities. This company is also 100% owned by myself, with no partners.

Please, contact us for PRICE for all above mentioned, including everything, luxurious furniture and all of the equipment, expensive tools for managing the property, 3 cars for operating the business, network of customers and clients, contract's with suppliers and so on. We will also do our best to help to the future owner in business development and expansion. If interested, our managers can also help the new owner continue running both of the businesses. As I am currently in my fifties (born1960), my family lives in Montreal, Canada and in past 10 years I have been travelling a lot, I would like to finally join them in Montreal and continue our family business there. I would also like to retire soon, start fishing and enjoy my favorite hobby, RC...

Last but not the least, I also have to offer a very nice apartment (85m2, first floor, nicely renovated & equipped in old building) in Old City of Belgrade (Skadarlija), where I am staying while in Belgrade. However, the apartement is not for sale until I sell the above mentioned property. I am pleased that you are interested in my properties and I am looking forward to making a good deal that we benefit both of us. If you need some more information please do not hesitate to contact me and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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Thanks in advance and best regards,
Ico Zajko
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